Marketing Materials

Salon Identity Suite

An array of marketing and administrative materials for a salon, including appointment card, business card, service menu, gift card, and gift card enclosure.

To coordinate with its interior redesign and logo update, the Fringe Salon needed new branded identity and marketing materials. We created these to reflect the new industrial-chic textures in the salon space, including the brick wall behind the reception desk and the reclaimed wood trimming the walls. The project resulted in a suite of stuff — business cards, appointment cards, service menus, and gift cards — that echo Fringe’s edgy-but-friendly aesthetic and are designed to be clear, simple, and easy to use.

  • Front of salon service menu has white logo and text on navy background, plus picture of male and female models standing in a row. back has list of services and pricing.
  • Business card background is a brick pattern with salon logo in white, contact info on semi-opaque white banner. Back of appointment card contains write-in firelds for date, time, stylist and service.
  • Closed gift card enclosure looks like envelope with rounded flap. Flap is navy with white logo, connecting to brick pattern.
  • Gift card is navy blue plastic with white logo. Gift card enclosure has semi-circular flap printed with brick and concrete patterns. Flap has fields to write to, from, and amount.