Party Swag

Punk Parody Party Flyers

Number-one client, The Fringe Salon, threw a punk-club-themed 10-year anniversary bash and needed DIY decor. I dusted off my Docs and pogoed over to the computer to create handmade-looking band flyers combining iconic early-80’s punk imagery with notorious hairstyles. Because we couldn’t graffiti the party venue, we temporarily wallpapered it with CBGB’s-inspired wrapping paper and stapled the flyers on top. Punk’s not dead (and neither are mullets).

Black Bangs flyer with a black mock logo on white (a parody of Black Flag logo).
Black Flag’s logo as forehead fringe.
Light green flyer with photo of man with mullet; band name "The Mullets", script that says Party in the Back! Business in the Front.
Achy-breaky take on The Misfits.
White flyer for "The Bobs" band, with checkerboard frame design, and three illustrated singers with bob hairstyles.
The English Beat + The Supremes = The Bobs
Black flyer with parody of Bauhaus band; illustrated figure has mohawk hairstyle.
Bela Lugosi’s Dead, but the Bauhaus logo lives again.