Logo Design

Law Firm Logo

Creating a type-only logo can be challenging, even without having to design an accompanying pictorial symbol. The type must express the essence of the brand, in this case, confident professionalism, while looking fresh and distinctive. While sampling various classic, serif typefaces for the new law firm MacNeill, O’Neill & Riveles, LLC, the differently-designed ampersands for each typeface caught my eye. I was drawn to this open, almost friendly ampersand, and decided that it should be the focus of the logo, visually suggesting accessibility and collaboration, both among the attorneys and between attorneys and their clients. I made the ampersand red, to attract attention and complement the blue type, and exaggerated its size in the “stacked” version of the logo, shown above on a coffee mug. The long version of the logo includes the ampersand at the same scale as the other characters, in a more traditional layout, suitable for letterhead and other everyday uses.

Logo of stacked, serif words "MacNeill, O'Neill and Riveles." Red ampersand is prominent in lower right corner.
Law firm logo in blue and red and lawyer listing in blue on top 1/4 of plain white paper.
Long version of the logo, for letterhead, website and other horizontal applications.