Website Design

Website for a Therapist

Image shows homepage and inner page of a therapist's web site. Homepage features image of ocean at sunrise, leaf-patterned buttons, and a muted palette. Inner page features another seaside image.

To design an engaging website for Susan Horowitz, a social worker and therapist, I drew upon her enthusiasm for nature photography and creative writing. The homepage features a seascape at sunrise, botanically-patterned buttons, and an allegorical folktale, creating a calming and optimistic atmosphere for a visitor in need of help. Each inner page includes another beach photograph, coupled with an inspirational quote or poetry passage, which extends the serene theme throughout the site. The site serves as not only an informational introduction to Susan and her work, but also sets a tranquil stage for the counseling sessions that may follow.

Image of homepage as described in accompanying text.
therapist homepage
Separation and Divorce inner page of therapist website, as described in accompanying text.
inner page