Salon Identity Suite : JZRDesign
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Fringe Salon Identity Suite | Clockwise from top left, an appointment card, front and back, with brick textured background and white lettering, a tall and narrow salon services menu that is navy blue with wood texture accents and a model photo, a gift card and enclosure (gift card is navy blue with white and orange logo, enclosure has brick texture on outside and rusted metal texture on inside), and a mini business card front and back (wood texture on front, navy blue with wood accent on reverse)

Salon Identity Suite

To coordinate with its interior redesign and logo update, the Fringe Salon needed new branded identity and marketing materials. We created these to reflect the new industrial-chic textures in the salon space, including the brick wall behind the reception desk, the aged metal reception desk itself, and the reclaimed wood trimming the walls. The project resulted in a suite of useful materials — business cards, appointment cards, service menus, and gift cards — that echo Fringe’s edgy-but-friendly aesthetic.