Promo Graphic for Social Media : JZRDesign
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A navy blue silhouette of the state of New Jersey, with a pink and orange semi-transparent gradient ring superimposed above. The words "rights," "equity," and "access" appear on the ring, and inside of the ring it says "fulfilling Roe's Promise."

Promo Graphic for Social Media

I created this promotional graphic for the National Council of Jewish Women Essex Section’s annual Roe v. Wade commemoration (2021), which was a virtual panel discussion about the Reproductive Freedom Act (RFA) in New Jersey, among other related topics. The dreamy, colorful image symbolizes the promise of the RFA, which safeguards reproductive healthcare rights, equity, and access for all New Jerseyans. It was used across the organization’s social media platforms, as well as in an e-mail newsletter and a newspaper advertisement.