Website for a Doctor

Dr. Michelle Neier, a pediatric integrative medicine specialist, built her own website using a popular DIY drag-and-drop system. The site looked good (on desktops), but didn’t support all the business and marketing tasks Neier desired. So that she could spend more time with patients, and less with pixels, we created a completely customized WordPress website that is both visually appealing and fully functional.

The new Olive Tree Integrative Health website features bright photos and a calming color palette, setting a soothing tone for site visitors who may be parents of chronically ill children. The site is thoughtfully responsive; page layouts are optimized for different devices and screen sizes. For instance, the site’s header on a wide desktop or laptop screen spells out the office’s full phone number and email address, while the small-screen phone view condenses these long phrases to clickable “call us” or “email us” links. Most DIY systems and website templates do not easily support this level of customization, instead trying to accommodate small screen sizes by shrinking type to tiny text or stacking the header vertically, taking up a disproportionate amount of already-limited space.

The header of the Olive Tree Integrative Health website, shown in desktop and mobile views.
Thoughtfully responsive header, designed with screen size in mind.
Two pages of Olive Tree Integrative Health website - one with a scheduling calendar, and one with a video and mailing list sign-up form.
Appointment scheduling and mailing list forms are seamlessly integrated into the site.
The new site also seamlessly incorporates business and marketing tools, such as online consultation scheduling and mailing list forms, by integrating apps that Dr. Neier already uses on a regular basis. These particular apps were difficult to access via her previous DIY site, because proprietary plugins weren’t available or were difficult to program.

With her new website, Dr. Neier has an attractive, accessible, and useful platform to reach out to new and existing patients and grow her practice.