Coworking Space Logo : JZRDesign
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Coworking Space Logo

For Suite 1, a coworking space and business resource center in Millburn, NJ, I designed a logo that echoes the shape of an office building at the corner of a downtown block. (My son tells me it’s an “irregular polygon.”) The number 1 doubles as a letter I, a space-saving trick that adds visual pizzazz and (easy) puzzle-solving frisson. The logo is bold, clean and modern, similar to the coworking space itself.

Suite 1 Logo | A black polygon on white ground with white letters that say SU1TE in a sans-serif font.
Suite1 Office in Millburn, NJ | An indoor view of an office with a long, wall-mounted desk and bar stools, a lower large table with office chairs, and a glass-walled conference room with a large Suite 1 Logo on the door.