Logo for a New Business

This client sought a clean, bold, and confident logo for her new business, a nurse-owned and operated elder care management company. It was challenging to design a symbol that captures the myriad decisions involved in elder care planning, but lots of sketching and experimentation led to a great glyph. The arrows lend a feeling of motion and activity, while the overall symmetrical, almost floral, array provides balance and calm. The color-contrasting arrow and dot indicates a choice made among many, and momentum from point A to B. Last (but not least), the uncluttered, sans-serif font in varying weights and colors facilitates reading of a long-ish business name.

As with most logo projects, I provided the client with two layouts for various uses; in this case, a long horizontal for website titling, letterhead, etc., and a more vertical version (shown above) for social media posts, profile pictures, and similar spaces.

Glyph is a radial pattern of arrows pointing to an outer circle of dots. One arrow in the upper right and one dot are turquise, the rest are navy blue. The words to the right say AMS Elder Care Managment in all capital letters.
horizontal layout of AMS Elder Care Management logo