Farmers Market Logo : JZRDesign
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Farmers Market Logo

Having grown up across the street from a farm in Pennsylvania, designing a logo for a beloved farm market in rural New Jersey felt like a sort of homecoming. The new owners of this Sussex County staple for farm-fresh produce, seasonal flowers, artisanal foods, and curated antiques wanted a clean yet traditional-looking logo that displayed a tempting sampling of the market’s offerings. I found a vintage-inspired decorative font for the market name and arranged it in an arch that could accommodate my still-life illustration of produce and flowers. The owners suggested adding a bee buzzing around the border, which adds to the country vibe.

We wrapped up the project at New Frontier marketing in chilly February, so it was a wonderful surprise to unexpectedly encounter the logo on a billboard in June, when I was en route to my daughter’s sleepaway camp. Sometimes having NO natural sense of direction and geography is a gift! (Ok, rarely, but still this was a thrill.)

Fresh Pickins Logo | The words "fresh" and "pickins" are shown in all capital letters, with the word Fresh arched over the word Pickins, which is straight. The letters are Kelly green with black outlines and decorative elements. The words are connected with a leaf sprig on either side. The logo features an illustration of strawberries, a tomato, a sunflower, daisy and tulip basket, and a corn cob with a bee illustrated overhead.
Fresh Pickins logo in full color.
The Fresh Pickins logo is outlined in green on a brown craft grocery bag.
One-color rendering on a grocery bag.