Logo for a Non-Profit

Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies (NJHSA) is an association that connects and supports a large number of non-profits across the US, Canada, and Israel. In turn, these non-profits serve thousands of people by offering a wide range of human services to anyone in need. The challenge in creating a logo for NJHSA, therefore, was designing a symbol that resonates with a vast group of dedicated professionals working together to serve a diverse clientele.

The Hamsa is a culturally rich symbol that, in this context, represents a “helping hand.” Three Hamsas are used, not only to visually balance the glyph, but also because the number three is particularly relevant to NJHSA, which joins agencies from three countries to serve three groups– individuals, families and communities. Starting with the colors blue and red, which are found in the US, Canadian, and Israeli flags, we chose purple as a connecting color, representing not only the blending of blue and red hues, but also hinting at the close collaboration of their member organizations. Working together with the open-minded and constructive NJHSA leadership, we created a distinct, attractive symbol for a unique, altruistic organization.

In 2019, this logo was awarded the Hermes Creative Awards Gold Award for Logo Design.

NJHSA Logo Bag | Logo is 3 Hamsa symbols arranged in a fan joined at the base of the palm. Colors are blue, purple and red. The word NETWORK is all capital sans-serif purple letters to the right of the Hamsas. Beneath it says of Jeiwsh Human Service Agencies.
full-title logo for Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies