Salon Logo Makeover : JZRDesign
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Fringe Salon Logo, before and after | Top of image shows original logo, in colonial blue with black dropshadow and orange-red flower dotting the i. Bottom image shows updated logo, with navy blue letters and i dotted with yellow-orange star.

Salon Logo Makeover

In celebration of its 10-year anniversary, The Fringe Salon embarked on an interior design and branding makeover. Embracing the salon’s “punk lite” culture and diverse clientele, we sought to update the logo without losing its edgy essence. We swapped the somewhat feminine cherry blossom dotting the i for a more universal star, retaining the original, custom calligraphic typeface. We ditched the drop shadow to keep the lettering sharp, and updated the muted, dusty blue and brick red of the past with a richer navy and brighter orange, for greater contrast and pop.

With a few seemingly simple changes, the Fringe Salon logo has become more rock-n-roll — bolder, more inclusive, and flexible for a variety of applications. For example, we recently leveraged the sometimes-naughty association of the star symbol in the salon’s roller derby sponsorship banner:

Fringe Banner | Navy vinyl banner with white and orange logo, hung on wall in roller rink.
roller-derby-ready tagline reads "Hair That Kicks A★★"

The new logo also looks great in a single-color application, for instance, rendered in metal.

Fringe Logo Sign | Brushed silver metal cut-out of Fringe logo, mounted on brown and red brick wall.
logo looking snazzy in metal, mounted on the brick wall behind reception desk.