“Noachella” Bat Mitzvah

To a social-media-savvy east-coast tween, Coachella means bohemian glamour — A-listers in flower crowns and feathers cavorting in the desert somewhere. When said tween is named Noa, “Noachella” naturally becomes the perfect Bat Mitzvah party theme.

The Logos

A huge ferris wheel is one of the signature visual elements of the Coachella skyline. Conveniently, it’s mostly circular, like the letter O in the middle of Noa’s name, so it became the central figure of her Bat Mitzvah logo. The ferris wheel supports were rearranged to create a subtle, almost subliminal, Star of David, as a nod to the Jewish purpose of the event. Because Noa’s party was at night, she chose a color from the sunset — a peachy-pink/coral (eerily predicting Pantone’s 2019 color of the year! Trendsetting!) To dial up the glam, a dotted border reminiscent of a dressing room mirror or carnival midway lights was added.

Noachella Bat Mitzvah Logo | Circular logo that is peachy pink with white print. Print says NOA - letter O is a ferris wheel flanked by N and A. Date 9.29.2018 is beneath NOA.
Noa Bat Mitzvah logo © Jessica Zirkel-Rubin

In addition to the Noa logo above, an extended “Noachella” version was created to be used wherever the event name was needed. Palm tree-topped letter L’s were designed to add the perfect California desert vibe, and also to visually balance the right side of the word. The full-color version doubled down on the sunset idea, with a graphic gradient of three coordinating colors.

Noachella Logo | Logo that says Noachella with ferris wheel for letter O and two palm tree shapes atop the letter Ls. Date is written in script below the word.
Noachella logo (extended version of Noa logo above). © Jessica Zirkel-Rubin

The Invitation

To accompany the more formal blush, white, and silver synagogue service invitation (from Stationery Stephanie), a custom “VIP ticket” to Noachella was created. The longer logo was set against a photo of palm trees at sunset, and silver foil highlights were added to echo the shimmering formal invitation. For an official look, the tickets were printed on heavy gloss stock with a perforated, ticket stub end. All tickets were number 13, appropriately.

A coordinating custom stamp ties the formal invitation and reception ticket together visually, adds color, and hints at the theme.


Because nobody can resist a cute sticker, especially a holographic one, ordered a stack of trippy logo stickers from StickerApp. These later became party favors.

Stack of circular, holographic logo stickers with Noa logo imprinted in black.
groovy holographic logo stickers

Board

A sign-in board was created with the help of Boaz Fields, who printed the logo and palm tree photo onto a 2-foot by 3-foot pallet of reclaimed wood. This sign was mounted on an easel at the entrance to the party, with gold and silver Sharpies within reach.

Bat Mitzvah Sign-In Board | Rectangular board with logo and palm tree photo printed on wood.
custom printed wood sign-in board, before
Bat Mitzvah Sign-In Board, After | Logo-printed wood sign-in board covered with guests' signatures in gold and silver marker.
sign-in board, after (shockingly, no phallic symbols or curse words in sight!)

VIP Pass Place Cards

Highlighting the music festival aspect of the original Coachella, we designed plastic backstage VIP passes to use as place cards. These passes, printed by SmartyPass, were hung from their lanyards on a palm tree at the entrance to the reception room. The guests’ names were printed on one side, and table numbers on the reverse.

Plastic VIP pass cards, printed with logo and palm tree photo, guest's name on one side and table number on the other, hung from black lanyard with silver metal clip.
VIP passes as place cards
Life-size palm tree with VIP table numbers hung from branches.
VIP passes hung from palm tree • photo by Joy Yagid Photography

Logo Pillows

Two styles of pillow were designed for the kids’ lounge — a square Noa logo pillow with the palm tree design, and a rectangular Noachella pillow that added more visual variety with a concert crowd scene and blue and black color scheme.

White lounge sofa with square throw pillow with logo and palm tree photo printed on it.
Noa logo pillow • photo by Joy Yagid Photography
Custom rectangular pillow with Noachella logo printed on photo of a concert stage; mostly blue and black tones.
Noachella concert pillow • photo by Joy Yagid Photography

Party Favors

Distressed grey sweatpants were printed with a Noa logo and given out as party favors. The sweatpants were rolled up and secured with VIP passes, cutting down on gift bag waste and expense.
Detail of left upper hip on grey sweatpants with peach/pink printed logo.
logo sweatpants
Rolled-up grey sweatpants tied with VIP pass lanyard.
party favors to go

Through the thoughtful design of fun and funky custom elements, an atmosphere of desert festival glam was brought to a country club in New Jersey, and a Bat Mitzvah gal is still aglow.