Logo for a Vintage Watch Dealer

Manhattan Watch Company sells high-end vintage and preowned watches from their shop in NYC’s Diamond District. We designed this logo to coordinate with their new online shop, which was built by Castle Builder Design. The logo looks like a watch face, bordered by the business name and establishment date. It was purposely created in only black and white so as not to overpower the company’s amazing product offerings. This project introduced me to the myriad styles of watch hands (the “sword” style was chosen for the logo); now I’ll never look at a watch face without noticing this detail!

A screenshot of the Manhattan Watch website, which shows the logo at the top of the page. This is a product page featuring a large, gold watch with a pink face surrounded by diamonds.
The logo as shown at the top of the Manhattan Watch Company website.
A screenshot of the Manhattan Watch Instagram page. The logo is surrounded by a warm rainbow gradient ring from fuschia to yellow.
The logo looks extra cool when surrounded by the Instagram story gradient ring.